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Original, Acrylic on Canvas Board with Gold Paint highlights, collage pendant and diamante.

"Trust" is a gentle reminder that we have the energy and power to move out of fear and disbelief, particularly in ourselves, to a place of trust.

'Trust' Original Painting (10"x8") HEALING ART

  • Many of us experience self doubt and overwhelm, often our ego says to us 'you're not good enough, you can't do that, who would want to listen to you anyway, you don't have anything important to say.' A lot of this negative talk that we repeat to ourselves erodes our self belief and self love. A lot of it really does say to us 'I don't like you, I may even hate you.'

    'Trust' is a way to heal and clear those false beliefs we have about ourselves. Trust that you can, trust that you are, trust that not everything you hear from your ego in an effort to protect you is true. Trust that you are loved and worth it. Thank your ego for trying to help you and protect you, then tell it that you are going to listen to your heart and walk down the path of 'trust' for a while and see where that leads you.


  • The Original painting is sold. Art prints and mixed media prints are available.

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