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Hip Hop Hurrah! Zoo Dance

Hip Hop Hurrah, Zoo Dance
Hip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance Page 4
HHHHip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance
Hip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance Page 7
Hip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance Page 9
Hip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance Page 10
Hip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance Page 15
Hip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance Page 21
Hip Hop Hurrah Zoo Dance Cover

The animals want to party,
They want to show their moves,
Kick up their heels ‘n shake a leg!
Join in, get down ‘n GROOVE!

A fun, rhythmic, verse story tribute to the MOVE initiative of Michelle Obama, America’s African-American First Lady, encouraging children to get up and “MOVE” and have fun doing it!

The book won the Simone Wood Award for a book highlighting the benefits and joys of dance to children.

Themes: dance, exercise, zoo, jungle animals, imagination, outdoors activities, music,  zookeeper, MOVE initiative, 

Author: J.R. Poulter

Illustrator: Jade Potts

Illustrator and Book Designer: Takara Beech

32 page picture book for junior and pre-school children.

AU$21.95 +GST

What went into producing HIP HOP HURRAH! ZOO DANCE?...

Lots of love! A lot of stories arrive on my desk the wrong size, shape or even resolution, for many different reasons. I get to move images around, add text, work on the flow of the book, like how to engineer page turns, how much text goes where, how much image goes where, what's the best way to tell this story, are the characters facing the right direction to move us through the story, plus the intricacies of publishing the actual book. Making words and pictures look professional and fun.


Often I even get to draw stuff! I love working with illustrators styles and problem solving new pages. Below are some before and after shots of the production of Hip Hop Hurrah! Zoo Dance. The original illustrations are on the left, the designed book page is on the right.

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