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The Passing

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Zippitty Bears Picture Book
Zippity Bears picture book full cover
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The Zippitty Bears, an adventurous pair, Want to be up and away, You shut your eyes tight, spread your arms, you take flight, Zooming and swooping and loopitty looping Off to the stars through the night! No matter who or where you are, you can shut your eyes and take off on the most amazing adventure! Imagination is your space ship to wherever you want to go. A picture book story for lower primary age children, told in rollicking rhyme.

Author: J.R. Poulter

Illustrator: Rose Clark

Illustrator and Book Designer: Takara Beech

32 page picture book for children.

AU$21.95 +GST


“Who couldn’t fall in love with the Zippitty Bears? We all need friends like these to take us on the imagination ride of a lifetime each and every night! What a wonderful way to foster creativity through the combination of rhyme and cartoon.” Adrienne T. O’Connell, B.A, Grad Dip. Ed., taught children from indigenous classrooms in the outback to multicultural classrooms in the city.


“Gorgeous, gregarious, playful. This brightly coloured, graphic novel/ picture book takes readers on a madcap adventure through dream scapes. So bright and bubbly that any child would enjoy reading it." Bianca Thorburn, Teacher-Librarian, Masters Education - B. Edu - Secondary.

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What went into creating 'THE PASSING'...

Lots of love! A lot of stories arrive on my desk the wrong size, shape or even resolution, for many different reasons. I get to move images around, add text, work on the flow of the book, engineer page turns, work out the best way to tell the story, are the characters facing the right direction to move us through the story, plus the intricacies of publishing the actual book. Making words and pictures look professional is fun.


Often I even get to draw stuff! I love working with illustrators styles and problem solving new pages. Below are some before and after shots of the production of Zippitty Bears. The left column shows the original image and the right column shows the finished designs xx

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