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Catching a Dream

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"Our childhood dreams & hopes are butterfly fragile – catching & holding them, dreaming them into reality is an ability formed in childhood that, nurtured, can shape our lives & impact those of loved ones around us. Imagination is what gives our dreams wings!


An allegorical poem in loose ballad form, for younger readers & readers of all ages."

Author: J.R. McRae

Pictures: Claudia Emanuela Coppola

Illustrator and Book Designer: Takara Beech

32 page picture book for children.

AU$21.95 +GST


Childhood, dreams, growing up, hopes, learning, experience, discovery, imagination, poetry,  ballad, loss, art book, picture book.


"A beautiful way to introduce the power of poetry. Filled with poetic devices, this ballad style poem would also benefit any teacher who values philosophy in the classroom as part of their pedagogical practice. Catching a Dream is a real treasure to share with [those] who love language." Adrienne T. O'Connell, B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed., | Taught children from indigenous classrooms in the outback to multicultural classrooms in the city.


"Lyrical & as beautiful as butterfly wing. Another wonderful [verse] story by J.R.McRae that readers are sure to enjoy." Bianca Thorburn, Teacher Librarian.

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