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Urban Yoga


This page is all about Health & Fitness for writers, illustrators & artists because we do a lot of sitting!


Some of the links are affiliate links, they'll have a little gift box        next to them. I only link to products that have helped me.

Jillian Michaels - Body Revolution


As writers, illustrators & artists, we sit A LOT. I love these workouts, well I hate them too because I don't like working out ... but ... They only go for 30 minutes, I can squeeze them in before my shower, the transitions between the different exercises are fast, so I don't get bored. And they work. Even if I do them 3 times a week, they work. YaY, happy me.




More about Body Revolution
Jillian Michaels - Yoga Meltdown


Yoga Meltdown was the first program I started because back then I had sore knees which hurt when I jumped around. In the beginning I modified some of the poses to make them easier and slowly progressed up. I'll try and get around to working out what my modifications were and post some for you :) The stretching helped my knees and now I can do star jumps without them hurting.

These are also 30 minute workouts.




More about Yoga Meltdown
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