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Unique Baby Shower Gifts the Whole Family can Enjoy.

As a mum, I loved receiving presents for baby and me, but what about the rest of the family, have you ever wondered whether they might have felt left out?

Here's one cool solution that covers mum, baby and the rest of the family, even grandparents as the message can be customized. Making a totally unique gift!

Be funny, adorable and include the whole family in baby celebrations.****

Need more ideas for baby shower gifts for the whole family or want to try putting your own package together? Visit my Kidz store here ... Have fun!

Look Alikes Store: Don't just buy books provide an Immersive Experience.

The Story 'Look Alikes' can be found here xx

Look Alikes Picture Book by J.R.Poulter. Illustrator Barb Dragony. Illustration/Design Takara Beech

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