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Claire Keane - Artist Crush

So many artists inspire me, this is an artist crush snippet about Claire Keane and where to find her art so you can crush on her too.

Her style varies from soft and whimsical to highly rendered and realistic. I think it's beautiful...

Claire studied Graphic Design in France. She also did a year of fashion design before switching to study illustration. She became a visual development artist at Disney Feature Animation for 10 years working on Tangled, Frozen and Enchanted among other films.

In 2013 she left Disney to work independently.

As time has progressed, meaning as I've aged! I've come to appreciate the sheer magnitude of skill animators have outside of animation - my early syndrome towards animators was a bit like the Ken Done syndrome here in Australia where his naive art was often criticized because he was primarily known as a graphic designer and brand creator. If the critics delved a little deeper they would have discovered he was actually capable of highly rendered and realistic art too. The fact that he generated a massive brand makes him not only a great artist but a very clever man.

Discovering the clever versatility in Claire's work is absolutely awe inspiring to me, yes her work inspires in me an artist crush.

I'd love to have some family portraits done in Claire Keane's soft pastel style!

This is Claire Keane on:

Claire Keane flora_rgb

You can find more of her art on Society6, Facebook and Instagram:

And her books in book shops... Have fun!

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