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Guys and Yoga - Urban Yoga Movement

Creating their own experience and bringing something different to the table. These guys from Boys of Yoga are breaking down the girlie stereotype of yoga as part of an urban yoga movement.

Their motto: "Yoga isn't just pink lycra and vegan chicks"

Love it!

Urban Yoga is a challenging way men can streamline their strength, balance, self awareness, flexibility and focus. It develops a type of muscle memory that lifting weights at the gym won't give.

Boys of Yoga is a project founded and created in 2015 by Michael James Wong, a London based teacher and Los Angeles native who wants to smash the stereotypes and misconceptions of guys who yoga.

I just want to make urban art for it. It's so grungy and inspiring! I see yoga mats, tees, skateboard art, oh boy, calm down print on demand monster :'D

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