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photograph belongs to © Takara Beech
The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lubenstein


Are you having trouble figuring out what to do with your life? Do you feel there's so many options! ... Do you struggle to focus on one singular passion & jump from project to project? Does the thought of being locked into one thing for the rest of your life make you want to run not a mile but miles! So you may not even start a project!

Does that one job, that one position that will define you, keep eluding you? Do you have lots of unfinished projects yet happily move on to starting something new?... You could be a Renaissance Soul. ...

To find out if you are I've set up a quick quiz ... Click on the Renaissance Soul Quiz button to see if you're a Renaissance Soul. You're not alone, you can have multiple passions, multiple projects and finish them too. This information could change your life.

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