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This year is my year of the picture book, it's something I have always wanted to be a part of. Even though I have a background in Graphic Design, this doesn't mean designers come out of University being good illustrators.

Like anything we all do, we have to continue working on our craft. Whether that be as a writer, designer, illustrator, artist, therapist or nutritionist. This is especially true when there is a big gap between graduating, raising four children and re-entering the workforce like I have done.

My Advice - Don't wait to be picked. Pick Yourself

Whatever your interest is, pick yourself and go do it, don't wait for someone to come knocking on your door. Remember that whatever you are doing, you are a student for life. All professional artists, animators, illustrators, designers will tell you that you never stop learning.

4 July 2016

Happy 4th of July my US friends! Today turned into a day of re-design. Our published story Wiggle and Oink turned out to be the wrong format size for global distribution! Yes, this could happen to you.

To make the book available globally it needs to be US letter. Our stories are very popular with libraries and educators here in Australia and we've been asked to make them available to our global followers.

Because the redesign is larger there is some additional drawing to allow for the size difference. Not a simple task! Definitely not as simple as re-scaling the work to fit.

I like how the larger US size is looking. Proof that obstacles, hiccups and failures can turn into a much better result!

16 July 2016

Today I'm trying to get a toddler book out, it's a redesign from portrait to square plus an extra 8 pages to make a 32 page book. It must be the month of re-design ;) I've decided I'll sit in bed and do this one! I love my job!

23 July 2016

It's ALIVE! ... 


Finished the re-design, wrestled the Lulu crocodile and uploaded the book. It took hours!!! Like all day hours, to jig and juggle the layout and size... Just a tip, before you try any jiggling... If you're publishing through Lulu don't rely totally on the online print preview, download the preview to your hard drive. Sometimes the online preview shows white lines when there aren't any. In the end the first file I uploaded was the correct size, it was just an online preview problem. Haha, I could have saved myself a LOT of time knowing this.

We have a proof coming so I'll let you know how it turns out x

This is how I've set up Look Alikes?! in my store.

07 August 2016

So lately, as well as normal life and working on more book designs ... I have been playing around with Print on Demand. I know crazy, but I love physical products. I've registered for Zazzle to try it out but haven't uploaded anything yet. At the moment I'm using Society 6. Once you work out your templates for each product the process is quite simple, relatively time consuming if you're like me and want to change some of the product designs rather than mass generic upload.

Zazzle looks like a basket of glittery Easter Eggs, there are sooooo many things to put art on, even plates! I'm not quite ready to go down that rabbit hole yet, actually I'm using significant self restraint to not go down that rabbit hole!

Below is a sampler of some of the pieces I've been working on, the rest of what I'm up to in the print on demand arena is over at Home Decor & Products and Custom Clothing.

24 August 2016

Today I finished the final upload of 'How Do You Do?' a picture book also illustrated by Barb Dragony and written by J.R.Poulter. It was a lot quicker this time as we now realise we can't rely on the Lulu book preview. You shouldn't either, as often it shows a white line that isn't really there. the best thing to do is download the print proof and check that.

This is how I've set up How Do You Do? in my store.

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