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"Wow! You take book design to high art form!" J.R. Poulter

Picture Book Design

A book is judged by how it looks ...

Is your book eye-catching? Does it clearly reflect the contents? If not, it will probably only be purchased by your closest friends and family . . . . .

Which is wonderful but not what you're aiming for.

To give your book the best possible chance you need someone who can turn your story into something people will want to buy.

Help your book by engaging a professional designer and illustator or learn the skills you need to design & illustrate professional looking work yourself.

Do you need help with your book?


b  o  o  k  s     I     h  a  v  e     d  e  s  I  g  n  e  d

Wiggle and Oink, Piglet, pigs, children's picture book



The Passing

Written by J.R.Poulter. Cover Design by Takara Beech. Character Illustration by Rose Clark.

Joe in Cambodia

Multicultural picture book by J.R.Poulter. Illustration and Design by Takara Beech.

Dark Watch

Picture book by J.R.Poulter. Illustrations by Heather Peters. Book design by Takara Beech.


Illustrated book of romantic, gothic poetry full of shadows and atmosphere. Written by J.R.McRae. Illustrations by Kirsty Greenwood. Book design by Takara Beech.


"Working with Takara on Wiggle and Oink was nothing short of amazing. She has great taste, is very friendly and very talented. She's also very easy and fun to work with and her experience made all the difference: I know my illustrations were cute and funny like the story needed them to be, but it was Takara's design that made them come to life throughout the book. Wiggle and Oink wouldn't be as lovely and visually rich without her and I'm very happy I got to know her and her pretty work on this project." Olivia Pinto Illustrator and Entrepreneur.

"Takara Beech elevates book design to a true art form. This under acknowledged part of the book creation process can make the difference between a great story with great illustrations languishing on shelf and its being grabbed up!

More than this, she is a consummate multi-talented artist and illustrator capable of many styles all delivered with her own uniquely quirky twist, and with an eye for the commercially viable and that all important extension of the book - merchandising.

If that wasn't enough, she is a joy to work with, a born collaborator with an innate feel for story." J.R.Poulter Multi award winning Author, Editor, Founder & Publisher at Word Wings.

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